Over 100 Companies Join Energy Buying Group MassMEC to Save on Cost of Winter Utility Bills

December 3, 2014

Mass. manufacturers make the switch to state sponsored energy buying program as electricity prices spike   Boston (December 3, 2014) –  The Massachusetts Manufacturing Energy Collaborative (MassMEC), a buying group of manufacturers that reduces energy costs by purchasing energy supply in bulk, today announced that more than 100 businesses have signed on to participate in […]

Oil Prices Keep Falling

December 2, 2014

For the past three months, oil prices have been falling sharply – leaving huge implications for not only the U.S. energy market but the world marketplace.  However the events of Friday can possibly continue to send oil prices to tumble. On Friday November 27th, OPEC – a cartel of oil producers that includes Saudi Arabia, […]

US electric grids endangered by cyberattacks

  On November 20th, the director of the National Security Agency issued a warning that China and “one or two” other countries have the capabilities to mount cyberattacks that would shut down the electric grid and other critical infrastructure systems.  Before a House Intelligence Committee, Admiral Michael Rogers, director of NSA, said that he expects […]

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit against Northern Pass

November 25, 2014

A judge recently rejected a lawsuit against Northern Pass, according to the WMUR. The Grafton county superior court judge found no grounds to believe that the proposed Northern Pass Project caused the downfall of the businessmen’s golf course. Perhaps the Pass will gain momentum over the coming months as a legitimate and minimally-invasive source of […]

MassMEC Invites Members of SBANE to Save on Energy This Winter

November 24, 2014

SBANE members asked to consider MassMEC to save money on energy this winter Boston (November 24, 2014) – The Massachusetts Manufacturing Energy Collaborative (MassMEC) is inviting members of Smaller Business Association of New England to save on the cost of  electricity and gas this winter by joining its energy buying group. MassMEC reached out to SBANE participants […]

High NSTAR Electric Rates for Winter 2015

November 11, 2014

NSTAR just filed basic electric rates for Winter 2015 beginning January 1st, similar to the high rates recently filed by NGRID. 2015 Variable $/kWh Jan Feb March April May June Residential  $   0.2079  $   0.2063  $   0.1406  $   0.1097 Commercial  $   0.2195  $   0.2173  $   0.1350  $   0.0986 Industrial NEMA  $   0.2328  $   0.2299  $   […]

MA Winter 2014-2015 Gas Rates from Columbia Gas of MA

October 17, 2014

Columbia Gas filed proposed winter 2014-2015 natural gas rates with the MA Department of Public Utilities.  The rates are effective beginning November 1 2014 through April 2015: Columbia Gas of MA Rates November 2014-April 2015 Summary of Peak LDAC Rates: Nov. 2014-Apr. 2015 Rate Schedule R-1/R-2 R-3/R-4 G-40 G-41 G-42 G-43 G-50 G-51 G-52 G-53 […]

MassMEC Member of the Month | Cape Cod Beer| September 2014

October 16, 2014

The Massachusetts Manufacturing Energy Collaborative (MassMEC), an energy buying group for manufacturers in Massachusetts, is proud to present the MassMEC Group Member of the Month to Cape Cod Beer. Brewed in Hyannis, Massachusetts,  Cape Cod Beer is Cape Cod’s only microbrewery, with beer on draught and in growlers between Plymouth and Provincetown. The craft brewer also distributes […]

NGRID Announces High Winter 2014-2015 Electricity Rates

September 22, 2014

National Grid recently filed the following basic electricity rates, fixed and monthly, to the MA Department of Public Utilities. All rates include the Basic Service Administrative Cost Adjustment Factor, and they are effective beginning November 1st: 2014: Residential (R-1, R-2, R-4, E) Commercial (G-1, Streetlights) Industrial NEMA (G-2, G-3) Industrial SEMA (G-2, G-3) Industrial WCMA […]

NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Trade Above $4.00 per Decatherm

September 17, 2014

Natural Gas has moved above $4.00 this morning, September 17, 2014. After several runs at $4.00, NYMEX Natural Gas is now trading above this mark, which previously acted as a barrier. Thanks, EarlyBird Power Team