ESG & Carbon Neutrality

ESG & Carbon Neutrality

ESG Goal Setting

Shareholder, governmental, and corporate ESG benchmarks and reporting standards are increasingly important. We are experts in sustainability standards and market options and analyze all the costs and benefits to provide the best path forward to meet the ESG goals of your business and your stakeholders.

Carbon/Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Tracking

EarlyBird has extensive experience providing Carbon/Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Tracking. EarlyBird has key strategic relationships within the renewable industry and a proven record of crafting emission tracking strategies for many of the largest corporations. EarlyBird provides insight and analysis of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions along with the most viable opportunities that address those specific emissions outputs. We provide a reportable format that can be shared with all appropriate stakeholders.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is created when a solar, wind, or hydro project generates a megawatt-hour of electricity.  Purchasing RECs proportionate to the company’s total load can be a good way to demonstrate renewable energy support when sourcing solar or other renewable energy directly isn’t viable.  But not all RECs are created equal. We help public and private entities understand the differences between different types of RECs and the most effective way to integrate these purchases into their overall ESG strategy. EarlyBird’s competitive best practice procurement results in the lowest priced REC options available in the market and ensure proper certification.

Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs)

Gaining in popularity, VPPAs allow companies to engage with specific renewable energy projects that will produce electricity equal to their total load, much like a PPA.  However, these agreements allow the renewable energy sources and the company’s locations to be in different geographies and electricity load zones. For example, a company with locations across the U.S. could engage with one large solar project in Arizona to meet its electricity ESG goals enterprise wide.  When sourced strategically, a VPPA can allow an organization to demonstrate that has added renewable energy to the grid (additionality) and point to a particular project (specificity) – increasingly important attributes in ESG benchmarking.  As a financial contract for differences, however, VPPAs can involve significant rate risk if not structured and negotiated well.  Our expertise in sourcing and negotiating power purchase agreements ensures that our clients achieve their ESG objectives while minimizing cost and risk. 

Carbon Offsets

We’ve been involved with carbon offsets long before they became a buzzword. Companies often turn to carbon offsets when they can’t mitigate all of the GHG emissions their operations produce, but these days, there are an array of offset choices. In many cases, clients come to us looking for help around managing and mitigating Scope 3 emissions output. We help make sense of offsets, and those that are the most relevant and feasible for their needs, whether that be supporting a carbon storage project, an effort that increases GHG removal from the atmosphere or another planet-positive endeavor.