Exacerbated Risk of Electricity Shortages in U.S.

May 9, 2022

The U.S. is currently undergoing a transition from traditional natural gas- and coal-fired power plants and aging nuclear power plants that are scheduled to retire in the near future to greener energy sources like solar and wind. While this transition aims to ameliorate the effects of climate change, traditional power plants are closing faster than […]

European Electricity Costs Continue to Surge

Power prices in Europe continued to surge last week as the Europe Union announced its sixth package of sanctions against Russia. German electricity futures, which are considered to be a benchmark for European electricity prices, increased to a year-high at the end of last week. German futures for 2023 rose 6.2% last week to €228.75 […]

EIA: Wind Surpasses Coal and Nuclear for First Time

April 22, 2022

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), on Tuesday, March 29, three and a half weeks before Earth Day, wind energy in the Lower 48 states was the second-largest source of electric generation for the day. This marked the first time that wind surpassed both coal and nuclear. Wind-powered electricity has surpassed coal-fired electricity and […]

ISO New England Announces Results of 2025-2026 Forward Capacity Auction

March 14, 2022

On Wednesday, March 9, ISO New England, the grid operator for all six New England states, announced the results of its forward capacity auction (FCA) for 2025-2026, which was held on February 7 of this year. Each year, ISO-NE runs the auction three years in advance to meet electricity demand in New England. According to […]

Russia Sends LNG Ships to Kaliningrad

February 28, 2022

Russia has sent three large ships carrying liquified natural gas (LNG) to Kaliningrad, its port sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic coast. Experts say it is an attempt to keep access to gas supplies in case conflict stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cuts off gas pipeline flows. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has […]

EPA to Restore Rules on Power Plants

February 1, 2022

On Monday, February 1, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it would be moving to restore Obama-era rules on power plants that limit mercury, lead, and other hazardous pollutants from coal- and oil-fired power plants. The rules were first enacted in 2012 under the Clean Air Act and allowed the EPA to regulate emissions […]

Natural Gas Prices Experience Largest One-Day Spike Ever

January 27, 2022

On Thursday, January 27, in the midst of cold winter temperatures and on the heels of an approaching winter storm in the Northeast, natural gas prices spiked 46% to $6.265 per MMBtu. This marks the largest one-day increase ever in recorded data, which stretches all the way back to 1990. The increase in prices occurred […]

France forces EDF to take €8.4bn hit with electricity bill caps

January 18, 2022

As energy costs see increases, the French government will set a limit on electricity bill hikes to 4%, estimated to create a €8.4bn impact to EDF Energy, the country’s largest energy company. Shares of EDF fell by 20% as the government is also forcing their nuclear reactors to sell to rival suppliers, below market price, […]

ISO-NE: Oil for Reliability

Last Sunday a quarter of ISO-NE was powered by Oil. Generators had to come online or switch as baseload was having trouble keeping up with the cold weather. While natural gas can be the most reliable and environmentally friendly alternative for times like these, there is simply not enough available. This phenomenon has been going […]

ISO-NE Energy Crisis

December 30, 2021

A grid is only as strong as its weakest generation resource, or regulatory bodies – it can all go wrong in seconds and there’s nothing you can do. ISO-NE electricity generation is highly dependent on natural gas as fuel, and during the Winter season the priority access to natural gas is given to heating homes […]