Renewable Energy & Sustainability

We are experts in renewables and sustainability.

Onsite Solar

Rising energy costs and expanding state and federal incentive programs have made onsite solar projects increasingly attractive for businesses, healthcare organizations, and property owners. We create a comprehensive RFP tailored to our clients objectives and engage multiple qualified developers to competitively bid. Our deep expertise in project costs, agreement structures, and key contractual elements ensures that our clients secure the most favorable terms and conditions while minimizing counter-party risk. Whether it’s one location or a national portfolio, we provide the analysis and guidance companies need to evaluate and develop onsite solar projects where it meets their financial and sustainability goals.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

The most efficient and effective way to go green is to purchase power from directly from local renewable energy projects. EarlyBird conducts a highly competitive RFP process for Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements to purchase power from a local hydro, wind or solar project. These opportunities are ideal for companies to take advantage of geographic resources and favorable financial terms to hedge against energy market unpredictability while achieving short and long-term progress on sustainability goals.


Where available, virtual net-metering can be a financially advantageous way for companies to support renewable energy without any capital outlay or impact on their electricity supply arrangements. Solar, wind, or hydro project developers engage companies and organizations to serve as off-takers for a portion of the project’s electricity output, which the company receives as a line-item credit on its utility bill each month. The company retains a percentage of this credit amount and returns the remainder to the project developer. Our extensive experience sourcing and structuring these financially attractive agreements ensures our clients take full advantage where net-metering is an option.

Battery Storage

Onsite battery storage is an increasingly compelling option for businesses and organizations looking to manage capacity costs, reduce peak demand, participate in demand response programs, and enhance their resilience. Yet maximizing financial return requires deep knowledge of utility tariffs, incentives, and operational requirements. We provide our clients with turnkey solutions that fully manage and optimize the battery without burdening facility operations. Whether companies want to own, lease, or simply sub-lease space to a third-party owner, we provide the options and guidance they need to determine the best structure to meet their financial and operational goals..