Utility Bill Audit

Utility bills often include hidden opportunities for savings – if you know where to look.

EarlyBird Power provides a comprehensive utility bill audit to identify billing errors, incorrect rate classifications, malfunctioning meters, and tax exemptions. These changes often result in significant refunds and savings for your business moving forward.

We also identify inefficient equipment, or recommend operational changes to lower monthly demand charges and capacity costs.

No Savings?  No fee

EarlyBird Power’s utility bill audit service is an easy, risk-free way to ensure that you are not overpaying for your utilities. You keep 75% of any refunds or savings identified from the audit. If there are no savings, there is no charge.

Easy for Your Staff

Conducting the audit only requires a set of recent utility bills be sent to EarlyBird Power – there are no onsite visits required. We will conduct our analysis and present a clear summary of available savings and refunds – leaving your staff to focus on your business.

Leverage our expertise

Each state and utility offer different opportunities for savings – and knowing what to look for is critical. Our expertise working with multi-site businesses nationally ensures your company doesn’t pay more than you should at each location. We’re the experts, so you don’t have to be.

How much can you save?

While every company is different, the results speak for themselves. We recently secured a $19,000 refund from the utility for a Massachusetts metals fabricator, $75,000 for a cannabis cultivator, and $265,000 for a multi-state pipeline company. Don’t leave money on the table – contact EarlyBird and see what savings are possible for your business.