Electric Rate Hike for Winter: National Grid files Basic Service Rates with Mass. DPU

September 21, 2015

Last Tuesday, National Grid filed residential rates with the Massachusetts’ Department of Public Utilities, boosting the average monthly electric bill for the New England region. The rate hike is set to begin in November and it will roughly reflect a 20% increase. The average bill will rise from $90 to $110 per month. Despite this […]

Blockbuster Utility M&A Deal Halted by D.C. Regulator

August 26, 2015

Today, the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia voted unanimously to block the merger between Exelon and Pepco Holdings. Both Exelon and Pepco are utility operators – involved in the sale and distribution of natural gas and electricity, along with other energy services. Washington D.C .’s utilities commission’s unanimous blocked vote upended Exelon’s […]

Problems for Pilgrim in Cape Cod

August 18, 2015

On August 9th, 2015, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station was forced to reduce power due to the water in Cape Cod Bay being too warm.  The changing climate continues to affect Pilgrim as this is not the first time the nuclear power station has had to power down, having done so on two former occasions. The […]

Project Sunroof: Google’s New Solar Map

Project Sunroof, Google’s new solar mapping service, is now online and operational for the Greater Boston Area. The goal of the application is to simplify the process of figuring out the savings realized from decking one’s roof out with solar panels. Project Sunroof utilizes Google’s already expansive data mapping and computer resources to help calculate […]

EarlyBird Power Partners with Protect Our Winters

August 11, 2015

For the sixth year in a row, EarlyBird Power has arranged and sold carbon emission offsets for Teton Gravity Research’s filming operations. A ski film company, TGR’s carbon emissions mainly come from air travel, helicopter and snowmobile use. Carbon offsets are sold in order to promote clean energy practices where it is feasible, while enabling carbon […]

MA Gov. Charlie Baker Plans to Propose Solar Energy Legislation

August 10, 2015

courtesy of Colin Young, MA State News Services BOSTON – As solar energy advocates rallied on the steps of the State House Thursday, Gov. Charlie Baker said at a different event that his administration will file legislation concerning the solar power net metering cap “probably sometime next week.” Details of the governor’s planned legislation were […]

Cape Cod Healthcare Uses Sun to Save Green

August 5, 2015

From Cynthia McCormick of the Cape Cod Times: Open around the clock every day of the year, hospitals have some of the highest electrical bills around. Now organizations such as Cape Cod Healthcare, the parent company of Falmouth and Cape Cod hospitals, are partnering with solar energy developers to slash costs. For more than a […]

PJM’s New Capacity Rules Could Raise Electric Bills, Especially in Chicago

July 30, 2015

From Cynthia Dizikes of the Chicago Tribune: Though the polar vortex seems a frost-bound memory, Chicagoans may now feel its bite in a new, unexpected way — higher electricity bills. Beginning next month, power plants in northern Illinois and other states will be able to make more money from consumers in order to shore up […]

For the First Time, Natural Gas Tops Coal for Electricity Generation

July 16, 2015

According to the EIA’s most recent Electric Power Monthly, natural gas is now the largest source of electricity generation in the United States. Comprising 31% of the power generation, natural gas recently surpassed coal, which comprises 30%, for the first time on the national level. This change comes as predicted because it is a result […]

El Niño Wanders Through Winter 2016

July 15, 2015

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center forecasts that the current El Niño event will persist through winter 2015-16 and into spring 2016. The El Niño began in June 2015, with a minimal impact but will grow in intensity until it peaks by early next winter. El Niño occurs when the surface water temperatures of […]