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New Energy Efficiency Savings Protocols Published

May 16, 2013

The Energy Department reported on Wednesday that it has published a new series of protocols for determining the savings that result from upgrades in energy efficiency in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities in the hopes that the new methods will improve credibility and clearly outline the advantages of energy efficiency programs that give families and businesses significant savings. The current way public utility commissions, utilities, contracts, and program administrators calculate energy efficiency varies. The Department hopes that the new protocols, developed with the help of the Uniform Methods Project, provide consistency and help increase confidence in the economic benefit. The protocols have been vetted by numerous experts and follow accepted energy efficiency practices.


The Energy Department lists the following protocols:

– Commercial and Industrial Lighting Evaluation Protocols

– Commercial and Industrial Controls Evaluation Protocols

– Small Commercial/Residential Unitary/Split HVAC Cooling Efficiency Upgrade Evaluation Protocols

– Residential Furnaces and Boilers Evaluation Protocols

– Residential Lighting Evaluation, Refrigerator Lighting Evaluation Protocols

– Whole-Building Retrofit with Billing Analysis Evaluation Protocols

– Metering Cross-Cutting Protocols

– Peak Demand and Time-Differentiated Energy Savings Cross-Cutting Protocols

– Sample Design Cross-Cutting Protocols

– Survey Design and Implementation Cross-Cutting Protocols for Estimated Gross Savings

– Assessing Persistence and Other Evaluation Issues Cross-Cutting Protocols