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Natural Gas lower on storage increase report

September 16, 2011

This weeks storage poll is for week ending 9/9 and reported by EIA on 9/15.

Tropical storm Lee shut-in effects will be reflected in this weeks report. 
Total weekly supply was lower by about 12.8 bcf due to the storm. 
Destin pipeline outage further reduced supply.
Demand from power generation fell as heat over texas and the south finally broke. 
Major southwest power outage late in the week had little impact on gas demand. 
Wildfires in texas so far not showing much impact on supply or demand. 

Storage week total population weighted degree demand (HDD + CDD) —
last week: 67 (55cdd 12hdd)
previous week: 79 (72cdd 7hdd)
same week last yr: 64 (53cdd 11hdd)
5 year avg: 57 (47cdd 10hdd)
next week fcst: 53 (44cdd 9hdd)

previous week: +64
same week last yr: +96
5 yr avg: +79
*note: avg and last year storage figures are calculated using this historical data-set provided by eia:http://ir.eia.gov/ngs/ngsstats.xls