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National Grid Seeks Natural Gas Rate Increase in RI

February 2, 2018

This week, National Grid, citing unusually low temperatures this winter, sought approval from the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission for an increase in natural gas rates. Utilities in New England have had to increase rates because they did not stockpile enough supply to deal with the cold weather. Increases will cover the higher costs these utilities have faced. The new, higher rates are still subject to approval. But, if approved, they will go into effect starting March 1 and last through October. Natural gas rates will increase significantly, especially for non-residential customers. Below is gas cost recovery factor information for rates:

Gas Cost Recovery Factors High Load[i] ($ per therm) Low Load[ii] ($ per therm)

Proposed Revised Mar—Oct 2018


Approved Nov 2017—Oct 2018




Percent Increase

















[i] High Load includes: Residential Non-Heating, Large High Load, and Extra Large High Load

[ii] Low Load includes: Residential Heating, Small Commercial and Industrial, Medium Commercial and Industrial, Large Low Load, and Extra Large Low Load