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Grid Operators in New England and New York Improve Power Market Coordination

December 22, 2015

Through a joint effort, power grid operators in New England and New York have launched the Coordinated Transaction Scheduling System. The system will bring much efficiency to regions’ respective power grids along with the transmission lines that connect them. It will improve the exchange of electric energy over transmission lines and better the flow of power between the two markets.

The joint effort system was announced by The New York Independent System Operator and ISO New England. The Coordinated Transaction Scheduling system will allow utilities, generators, and other major players in wholesale power market easier access to the lower-cost source of power. The system includes software changes to better coordinate economic transactions as well as the elimination of fees that impeded efficient trading between New England and New York.   Finally the system will improve the current system of scheduling and brokering energy sales & purchases over the transmission network.


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