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El Niño Wanders Through Winter 2016

July 15, 2015

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center forecasts that the current El Niño event will persist through winter 2015-16 and into spring 2016. The El Niño began in June 2015, with a minimal impact but will grow in intensity until it peaks by early next winter.

El Niño occurs when the surface water temperatures of the central and eastern central pacific increases at least 0.5 C° for more than three months. The El Niño has global impacts on weather patterns, especially in South America, North America and Southeast Asia. El Niño is not to be confused with the La Niña, which is the opposite of El Niño, where the surface water temperature in the central pacific decreases by at least 0.5 C° for more than three months.

North America is subject to the effects of El Niño. In past El Niño events, the South and Southwestern United States experienced cool temperatures and more precipitation in the winter. Meanwhile the Northwest and Northeast has experienced warm and dry winters. New England is expected to experience the same effects El Niño has typically caused the region, meaning a warm and dry winter.   Don’t get your hopes up.


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