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EarlyBird Power Talks to NPR about NE’s Dependence on Gas and Rising Winter Electric Rates

November 11, 2013

Shaun Pandit, CEO/Director of EarlyBird Power, spoke with Fred Bever of 90.9 WBUR about the causes behind the rising Boston- and New England-area electricity prices this winter. An article published November 8 highlighted the reasons for increasing winter electric rates with excerpts from National Grid and ISO New England personnel in addition to Pandit. Electricity prices are driven in part by natural gas prices and by transportation costs. The natural gas commodity itself is cheap; however, electricity prices are set to rise because New England relies heavily on natural gas in and because there is very limited transportation to bring it to the area. The result is that utility (NSTAR and NGRID) basic service and variable rates in addition to supplier prices are expected to be significantly higher this winter.