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EarlyBird Power, MassDev to Launch Affordable Energy for Manufacturers

May 12, 2014

Nashoba Publishing
POSTED: 05/08/2014 10:34:56 AM EDT

MassDevelopment and EarlyBird Power have launched the Massachusetts Manufacturing Energy Collaborative (MassMEC), a buying group of manufacturers that saves money by purchasing energy supply in bulk and includes free energy efficiency and renewable energy reviews. Governor Deval Patrick announced the program to 500 attendees – including more than 150 manufacturers – at the Commonwealth’s Advanced Manufacturing Summit in Worcester on April 29.

Members of MassMEC enlist EarlyBird Power to negotiate volume rates from electricity and natural gas suppliers, decreasing energy costs. EarlyBird also offers efficiency evaluations and onsite renewable opportunities to the MassMEC to ensure sustainable manufacturing growth. The MassMEC is a product of the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative, a Patrick Administration initiative that brings together members of the private and public sectors to support Massachusetts manufacturers.

“The high cost of energy is one of the largest issues facing businesses – especially manufacturers, many of which have energy-intensive operations,” said MassDevelopment President and CEO Marty Jones. “We are pleased to launch the MassMEC so manufacturers can aggregate and benefit from EarlyBird Power’s management services and reduce their utility costs, creating a more competitive and capable manufacturing sector in the Commonwealth.”

EarlyBird Power is a Milton-based energy market expert that provides energy management and sustainability solutions to commercial, municipal, and industrial clients. A licensed broker in natural gas and electricity in every deregulated market, EarlyBird uses its market expertise and relationships with wholesale suppliers to help clients save money and “go green.” EarlyBird monitors market opportunities and risks, market trends, and pricing to serve clients, ensuring the best possible rate, optimal services, and hassle-free transactions. EarlyBird currently serves 10 participating MassMEC companies, but that number is expected to increase following the partnership with MassDevelopment. Visit¬†http://massmec.com/¬†for more information.

“MassMEC is a tremendous opportunity for the Commonwealth’s manufacturing sector to come together to reduce their utility costs,” said Shaun Pandit, president of EarlyBird Power. “This unique program makes energy purchasing easier, more efficient and cost effective. It’s also a valuable initiative as Massachusetts works to attract and retain manufacturing companies to grow our regional economy.”