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DOE Grants up to $31M for H2@Scale Development

March 8, 2019

H2@Scale is the Department of Energy’s newest initiative to incentivize and expand the exploration for hydrogen use for different applications. Among these are fuel cells for vehicles, metal refining, and natural gas production. the U.S. The funds will be destined to tackle the issues which make this process difficult like transport, generation, and storage methods.

This project has been granted $31M in funding for the advancement of these 3 objectives, giving each an equal priority. Every year more than 10 million metric tons of hydrogen are produced as byproducts of burning other fossil fuels; H2@Scale will ultimately help create a cleaner supply of energy. Some of the benefits of using hydrogen include:

  • Carbon-emission free
  • Accessibility
  • Efficiency

Given these benefits, H2@Scale seeks to mitigate some of the risks and disadvantages of using the same time; safety, high cost, and storage impracticality.