Nuclear Energy – Clean Energy

November 8, 2021

In the public eye nuclear power is politicized as being “dirty, dangerous, insecure, outdated, harmful,” among many other things. The reality is the complete opposite. Jacopo Buongiorno, an MIT nuclear engineer has calculated that the life cycle of a nuclear power plant including construction, mining, transport, operation, and decommissioning creates just 1/700th of coal, 1/400th […]

Natural Gas Shortage Scramble

October 8, 2021

Over the past few months Natural Gas prices have been trickling up, seeing new highs of around $6/dth from artificially suppressed levels of around $3 during the pandemic. As the supply chain and operations of all industries begin to normalize, an increase in demand for natural gas domestically and internationally are pushing prices higher and […]

Proposed MA Electricity Winter Rates Released

September 23, 2021

The U.S natural gas markets have been constrained by increases in LNG exports, reduced gas production and storage, and returns to pre-covid levels of demand. Natural Gas prices have risen from the $3 level to $5, and in the New England area natural gas prices are big determinants of electricity prices. Given this recent constraint […]

Utilities Considering Mini Nuclear Reactors

August 6, 2021

As the climate crisis accelerates, utilities in the U.S are looking to acquire miniature nuclear reactors called SMRs (Small Modular Reactors) to secure a reliable energy source and lower emissions associated to climate change. Over the past decade companies have stopped building nuclear due to rising costs of maintenance and delays. Some utilities interested in […]

Bitcoin Mining Goes Greener

August 2, 2021

Over the past year Bitcoin has been under closer public scrutiny given articles discussing the massive amounts of energy required to mine new Bitcoin and maintain the network. Bitcoin mining is the process through which new Bitcoin is introduced in circulation, based on a Proof of Work (POW) algorithm which requires computers to solve complex […]

Baker Administration Favors Banning Residential Enrollments with Retail Suppliers

July 29, 2021

Governor Baker’s administration yesterday showed support for bill S 2150/H 3552 that would ban residential accounts from enrolling with a competitive energy supplier. This policy would not affect residences under municipal aggregations which opt-out of those programs. The proposed law would go into effect on January 1, 2022, explicitly stating: “no supplier, energy marketer, or […]

Henry Hub Prices On the Rise

July 21, 2021

Today the Henry Hub Natural gas futures increased around 1.7% to $3.94/mbtu due to increased demand in regional and global gas markets, also led by higher temperatures in Western, Midwestern, and Southern U.S. Expected temperatures from the 90 – 100F this coming week are expected to result in a strong demand for natural gas. Additional […]

Early Winter 2021 – 2022 and Natural Gas Forecasts

July 15, 2021

The most recent forecasts for the 2021 Winter Season point to above average amounts of late-season snowfalls and below average temperatures. As natural gas prices climb to their highest since 2018, it will be very important to see how these conditions turn out. Given existing constraints in the natural gas market at this time a […]

DOE Announces $52.5M Investment in Hydrogen Technologies

July 7, 2021

Alongside renewables, Hydrogen fuels will be very valuable tools in the clean energy transition. 30% of the total Greenhouse Gas emissions come from the Transportation sector, of which 90% of the fuel used is petroleum based. Hydrogen can be used to offset this large portion of emissions directly when used as a fuel for transportation, […]

Gas Pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico Catches Fire

July 6, 2021

An underwater natural gas pipeline owned by Mexican PEMEX ruptured this last Friday next to a drilling platform. A pit was created in the middle of the water around 5:45 AM Friday as the pipeline caught on fire while boats hurried to put it out by spraying it with water. The fire was extinguished after […]