Natural Gas Prices Climb to Highest Since 2018

June 29, 2021

Natural Gas prices this Tuesday 6/29/2021 continued to rally 3.2% higher up to $3.709/mmBtu which starts setting the trend on par with the highest closing price since December 21, 2018. Hot weather patterns this summer are pressuring the price to go higher, combined with investors covering shorts is slowly squeezing the price higher. Over the […]

Nuclear Power Credit to Curb Emissions Introduced by U.S Senators

May 28, 2021

Over the past decade there has been a big push to shut down nuclear power plants given rising costs, preference for renewables, and negative public sentiment. According to the Energy Information Administration (E.I.A), nuclear energy is the cleanest energy source in the United States, accounting for 55% of all emission-free electricity, and more carbon-free generation […]

Massachusetts Cranberry Farmers Go Solar

Cranberry farmers in Massachusetts are pushing solar development by mounting solar panels over cranberry bogs to increase sustainability and revenues. The first of these in Massachusetts are expected to be completed in the remaining year in the town of Carver. It is a $53M project with 9MW of solar capacity being developed by Pine Gate […]

Fluctuating Natural Gas Prices in Europe as Storage is Uncertain

May 26, 2021

This past week natural gas prices in Europe saw big fluctuations as the U.S said it would not sanction the Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline project which would provide a steady gas supply but increase Putin’s influence and reach in the region. Storage for the Winter season in the European region was at a record […]

First Big U.S Offshore Wind Farm Approved by Biden Administration

May 18, 2021

The $2.8B – 800 MW offshore wind power project by Vineyard Wind is to become the first large-scale wind farm in the U.S coast as it was approved by the Biden administration last Tuesday. Generally, projects of this type face a large amount of push back from communities and become delayed. This event has been […]

Colonial Pipeline Hack Raises Worries on Gas Prices

May 10, 2021

This past Friday Colonial Pipeline networks were hacked and caused the facilities to become inoperable. The FBI believes an Eastern Europe hacker group known as DarkSide is responsible for the attack, though they have publicly denied it. Colonial Pipeline is responsible for supplying almost half of the gas on the East Coast and there are […]

Rhode Island DOR Releases 100% Renewable Electricity Initiative

March 26, 2021

On January 2020, Rhode Island’s governor Gina M. Raimondo signed an executive order setting the goal to source 100% of the state’s electricity demand from renewable sources. A requirement of the executive order is for the State to develop any necessary policies and explore multiple avenues to meet this goal. Some of the main drivers […]

Canada Pushing Nuclear Energy Development to Lower Carbon Emissions

March 3, 2021

Nuclear Energy development has been very limited in the world’s most developed nations, favoring investments for Solar and Wind. A big reason for this is the public’s overall negative perception of nuclear energy, which is the cleanest form of energy available. Nuclear technology has seen various advancements in construction, operation, and safety measures of facilities […]

ERCOT $1.3B Short in Payments to Power Plants After Crisis

March 1, 2021

The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) responsible for the operations of the state’s energy market is waiting for $2B in payments from retail providers to pay suppliers after the winter vortex made energy prices skyrocket to over $9,000/MWh. ERCOT was able to transfer $800M from a separate market, but still owes $1.3B. If ERCOT […]

Divisive Clean Energy Future in New England Area

Over the past years there has been a fight over the building of an AVANGRID power line bringing hydroelectric energy from Quebec to the New England area. The project is estimated to cost $1B, and last week was hit with a referendum that would kill the project if approved by Maine legislators. This project is […]