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Cape Cod Healthcare to Take Part in Solar Project

January 4, 2013

Cape Cod Healthcare is pleased to announce that it is participating in a locally-based solar power project. The project will bring energy savings to CCHC, through energy credits from NSTAR, and will deliver green benefits to the region.

Southern Sky Renewable Energy, a Boston-based developer of utility-scale solar facilities, has begun construction on the 6-megawatt solar project on a capped landfill site located in the town of Carver. The privately-owned Ravenbrook Landfill will be the site of the largest utility-scale landfill solar facility in the Northeast when it is placed into operation.

Cape Cod Healthcare’s commitment to purchase the “net metering credits’ generated by the Ravenbrook Landfill Solar facility (RLS) – utilizing the NSTAR meters located at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital – has made it possible for this major solar project to move forward, according to Shaun Pandit, President of EarlyBird Power in Milton. EarlyBird Power, which has recently contracted with CCHC to secure power and natural gas, arranged CCHC’s agreement with Southern Sky Renewable Energy for the net metering credits generated by the RLS facility.

There will be no direct interconnection from the RLS project to the hospitals. Rather, the hospitals will realize a financial benefit through net metering credits. A percentage of the net metering credits received from NSTAR, as a result of the solar power received into the grid from the RLS facility, will directly offset Cape Cod Hospital’s and Falmouth Hospital’s electric bills. The hospitals are expected to see combined annual utility bill savings of about $325,000 for at least 20 years, said Pandit.

“Cape Cod Healthcare is committed to finding ways to lower costs, while at the same time provide tangible benefits to our community,” said Michael K. Lauf, President and CEO of CCHC. “Renewable energy endeavors such as this are a win-win for both Cape Cod Healthcare and the environment that is so important to our economy and our way of life on Cape Cod.”

CCHC chose to participate with the RSL facility in Carver after an extensive review of several approaches to renewable energy technologies and various business models, said Pandit. CCHC embarked on an RFP process with the goal of attracting several solar developers interested in utilizing the net metering credits. Both on-site and off-site opportunities were vetted, and Southern Sky Renewable Energy and its RSL project was selected as the best option, he said.

Southern Sky Renewable Energy commenced construction on the RLS facility on Nov. 15 and it is expected to be completed in the spring of 2013, according to Frank McMahon, a principal with Southern Sky Renewable Energy.

The RLS facility is Southern Sky Renewable Energy’s second utility-scale solar project in the Commonwealth. Southern Sky Renewable Energy’s 5.772MW Canton Landfill Solar facility in Canton began generating power on Aug. 3, and has generated over 2 million kilowatts of electricity to date, according to McMahon.

“The Southern Sky Renewable Energy-Cape Cod Healthcare business agreement was a critical part of the Ravenbrook Landfill Solar project’s success,” McMahon said. “Cape Cod Healthcare’s involvement was absolutely crucial to the viability of the Ravenbrook Landfill Solar project. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

CCHC will continue to look for common sense solutions to the financial challenges healthcare providers are facing, said Edward Browne, Executive Director of CCHC Facilities and Support Services.

“We are obligated to seek the most cost-effective energy solutions to help offset the financial pressures we experience on hospital reimbursement, while at the same time furthering our commitment towards environmental stewardship,” he said. “This is another example of how we are pursuing energy innovations and partnering with creative providers.”

Cape Cod Healthcare – one of America’s Top Ten health care systems – is the leading provider of healthcare services for residents and visitors of Cape Cod. With more than 450 physicians, 4,500 employees and 1,100 volunteers, Cape Cod Healthcare has two acute care hospitals, the Cape’s leading provider of homecare and hospice services (VNA), a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, an assisted living facility, the Cape’s only local laboratory service (C-Lab) and numerous health programs. For more information, visit Cape Cod Healthcare’s website at www.capecodhealth.org. Cape Cod Healthcare. We’re taking good care of you.

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