New Jersey adopts new Clean Energy Legislation

June 11, 2018

New Jersey is taking necessary steps to a green future by adopting the 2018 Clean Energy Legislation, increasing their renewable energy portfolio standards for the next 30 years. The end goal of this legislation is for New Jersey to source 50% of its energy from renewable sources, and achieve 2,000 MW of energy storage by […]

Nevada Seeks to Deregulate its Energy Market

June 4, 2018

Nevada is seeking to deregulate its energy market for the second time in 30 years in hopes to reduce electricity rates for its citizens and businesses. Legislature preventing this may soon be passed, as a vote in 2016 was a landslide victory to appeal the previous deregulation effort in the 1990’s. The final vote for […]

New England’s Power Grid Transition: From Coal and Nuclear to Natural Gas and Renewable The Inconvenient Consequences

October 2, 2017

There is a huge shift happening to the power grid in New England- and what you don’t know could impact you- and your utility bill. The power grid in New England is rapidly shifting from coal and nuclear energy to natural gas and renewable energy. Between 2012 and 2020, about 15% of the region’s generating […]