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5 Local Companies Cut Energy Costs By Joining Consortium

June 26, 2014


MILTON – Some local manufacturers are pocketing savings on their energy bills after joining a state-sponsored group called MassMEC.

Massachusetts Manufacturing Energy Collaborative, announced by Gov. Deval Patrick in April, was created to offer lower-cost power to members by negotiating bulk rates with electricity and natural gas suppliers.

Five South Shore companies were among 30 statewide that joined the consortium. They are Rockland’s Airxchange, a manufacturer of energy recovery ventilation products; North Easton Machine Company Inc., a screw machine and parts manufacturer; Plymouth’s CSH Industries, specializing in sheet metal fabrication; Randolph’s Flexcon Industries, a designer and builder of heating and hot water tanks; and Canton’s Underwriters Laboratories, a safety consulting and certification company.

MassMEC is managed by Early Bird Power, a national electricity and natural gas brokerage company. Both organizations are based in Milton’s Lower Mills and are headed by Shaun Pandit.

Early Bird Power represents MassMEC as the negotiator for obtaining energy and the consultant for the collaborative’s 30 founding partner companies.

It contacts every licensed energy supplier in the market and negotiates a rate for the specific price of energy type and amount needed for the member companies, according to Pandit.

“The companies get the best price in the market. We’ll also will give some consultation. We’ll look at the company and ask questions about energy usage, whether or not it’s looking to make changes or sell the business. We help them make the right energy usage decision,” says Pandit.

There is no cost for a company to join the collaborative.

Early Bird Power gets paid a 1 to 2 percent commission based on the suppliers’ rates. Those rates are lower than the open market, as part of MassMEC’s affiliation with the state’s finance and development agency, says Pandit.

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