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NGRID Announces Winter Rates

October 1, 2013

National Grid has just announced proposed rates for the winter.

For medium (G2) and large general (G3) service accounts, fixed prices are as follows:

SEMA (11/1/13 – 1/31/14): $0.09895 per kWh

WCMA (11/1/13 – 1/31/14): $0.09804 per kWh

NEMA (11/1/13 – 1/31/14): $0.09960 per kWh

Here are the variable rates for these classes (November, December, and January):

SEMA: $0.06941 per kWh, $0.09950 per kWh, $0.12431 per kWh

WCMA: $0.06778 per kWh, $0.09850 per kWh, $0.12412 per kWh

NEMA: $0.06974 per kWh, $0.09981 per kWh, $0.12557 per kWh

For small general service (G1) and streetlights, fixed rates are:

(11/1/13 – 4/30/14): $0.09448 per kWh

The variable proposed rates for these classes are as follows: 

November: $0.07449 per kWh

December: $0.09856 per kWh

January: $0.11883 per kWh

February: $0.11581 per kWh

March: $0.08077 per kWh

April: $0.07169 per kWh

All of these prices have substantially increased from the summer and fall rates as the utility is pricing in winter risks. NSTAR has not released rates past December; however, they will likely be high. Typically, the rates for both utilities are close.