Go Green

Renewable energy credits, carbon offsets, and on-site generation.


EarlyBird understands the legislative drive toward renewable green energy generation and the resulting requirements facing utilities.

Renewable Savings

Currently, up to 60% of the cost of on-site green energy generation can be reimbursed through grants and utility incentives. When you install renewable green energy generation on-site, like solar or wind, you save money in the short and long-term. EarlyBird guides customers through the available options, procures state of the art equipment, and ensures proper installation. From the decision to go green to the switching on of your new green on-site energy, EarlyBird is there.

Going Green

It’s clear that green renewable energy is the way of the future. But how do you start going green now? EarlyBird Power helps businesses make the transformation to efficiency and green energy. Businesses of all sizes can utilize current green energy offerings, convert to on-site green energy, and improve costs through more efficient practices and hardware.

We love helping customers go green, especially when it makes economic sense. And you can trust us to advise and manage your green energy needs. We always meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations, we work closely with you make sure the upgrades, retrofits, and installations are applicable to your needs, and we keep ourselves knowledgeable on the latest technologies so that we can best serve our clients. Contact EarlyBird Power and start saving money by saving the planet. EarlyBird Power partners with Protect Our Winters,(POW),a tax exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to reversing the global warming crisis by uniting the winter sports community and focusing our collective efforts towards a common goal.