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Eversource wins immense state contract it helped in creating

March 14, 2019

In January of 2018 Eversource won a Massachusetts state contract for the construction of the Northern Pass power line to work in conjunction with Hydro-Quebec to supply New England with a cleaner source of electricity, at a cost of $1.6 billion. For the project Eversource officials themselves helped draft bidding rules and select the winners, creating an aura of impartiality surrounding the project. There were many other power line projects proposed but it appears none of them were seriously considered. Favoritism for Hydro-Quebec was also shown, given Eversource has a relationship with them; other supply options such as solar and wind were on the table as well.

Both the process and the project created a large amount of discontent with other people involved. The proposed power lines will have to cut through a bed and breakfast owned by a couple in New Hampshire, stating that in the end “…we get nothing except a disgusting view.” Additionally Dan Dolan president of the New England Power Generators Association was frustrated with the bidding process given that it ended up being an Eversource – Hydro Quebec deal. Despite these comments an independent evaluator was hired to oversee the project, but there is a large amount of skepticism surrounding it.