NE Power Plants Prepared to Match this Summer’s Peak Electricity Demand

ISO New England VP and COO Vamsi Chadalavada announced recently that New England power plants should handle this summer’s peak electricity demand, despite losing 570 MW worth of generation after closing Mount Tom Power Station and Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station: “The New England power grid is prepared to meet consumers’ needs for power this […]

Kinder Morgan, Berkshire Gas anticipating Northeast Direct Project Start

Richard Kinder, CEO of the country’s largest midstream company, Kinder Morgan (KMI), spoke  with CNBC last week and affirmed the possibility of starting the Northeast Direct Project soon with a “I think we will. ” “And the main problem here is it’s just ironic that the highest price for electricity and natural gas in the […]

Massachusetts 2015 Solar Net Metering Projects to Halt with Caps Hit

In March, public projects within National Grid service areas reached the 256.6 MW (megawatt) net metering cap for 2015. Massachusetts net metering caps are based off each utility’s historical peak MW energy demand, with a small percentage cap allocated toward private (4%) and public (5%) solar projects, falling short from the State’s 1600 MW goal. NGrid […]

MA DPU Waives Recalculation Fees for Residential and Small C&I, Establishes Tracking Mechanism

On April Thirteenth, MA D.P.U. ordered  utilities to eliminate the recalculation fees for residential and small C&I customers who switch from their electric utility to supplier, keeping the fees for medium-large C&I customers and tracking when utility-supplier switches are made. In their investigation beginning last year, the D.P.U. argued that waiving the fees would open […]

MA DPU Orders Investigation for Basic Service Procurement

On April Ninth, the MA Dept. of Public Utilities ordered an investigation into the pricing and procurement of basic service electricity, affected by two key issues: High Costs: Massachusetts faced historically high basic service costs over the past two winters, and the DPU will review a full range of possibilities for basic service procurement and […]

National Grid MA Files Spring/Summer 2015 Electric Rates

On Saint Patrick’s Day March 17, National Grid (Massachusetts and Nantucket Electric Companies) filed May-July 2015 industrial rates, along with May-October 2015 residential and commercial rates. Thanks, EarlyBird Power Team National Grid Massachusetts Basic Service Rates Residential (R-1, R-2, R-4, E) Commercial (G-1, Streetlights) Industrial NEMA (G-2, G-3) Industrial SEMA (G-2, G-3) Industrial WCMA (G-2, […]

Supreme Court Issues Ruling in West Virginia vs. EPA, Stripping the Ability of the EPA to Restrict The Pollution of Power Plants

Back in 2015, the Obama Administration created the Clean Power Plan (CPP), which had the support of Protect our Winters (POW). Under the guidance of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the CPP required states to reduce the CO2 pollution from coal and transition into cleaner energy production in the U.S. When the Trump Administration took […]

With Freeport LNG delayed, Natural Gas Prices Have Dropped 12%

Natural gas prices are on the trajectory to drop down to their lowest price in twelve weeks. Prices currently are down 12% at 5.693/mmBtu. This is because of the explosion that happened at the Freeport LNG facility in Texas on June 8th. This explosion has hindered production ever since then, and many fear that this […]

National Grid Announces Industrial Basic Service Rates in Massachusetts for August, September, and October

On June Tuesday 21st, 2022, National Grid announced its new service rates for August, September, and October. These new rates, which are roughly double the current rate, are slotted in at 23 cents per kWh for August, 21 cents per kWh for September, and 20 cents per kWh for October.

Natural Gas Prices Continue to Plummet After Freeport Announces Delay in Operations

Natural gas prices have dropped 17% to $7.251/mmBtu after Freeport LNG announced that they will not be back to being fully operational until the end of 2022. Freeport LNG is the second-largest in the nation in exports of LNG. Freeport LNG made this announcement in an email following last week’s explosion and fire to their […]

Increase in U.S. LNG Exports to Europe Within First Four Months of 2022

Throughout the first four months of 2022, the United States has exported 74% of its liquefied natural gas supply to Europe. Last year, the annual average the U.S. exported to Europe was 34%. In 2020 and 2021, Asia has been the primary destination for LNG exported from the U.S. Since December 2021, Europe has been […]

Exacerbated Risk of Electricity Shortages in U.S.

The U.S. is currently undergoing a transition from traditional natural gas- and coal-fired power plants and aging nuclear power plants that are scheduled to retire in the near future to greener energy sources like solar and wind. While this transition aims to ameliorate the effects of climate change, traditional power plants are closing faster than […]

European Electricity Costs Continue to Surge

Power prices in Europe continued to surge last week as the Europe Union announced its sixth package of sanctions against Russia. German electricity futures, which are considered to be a benchmark for European electricity prices, increased to a year-high at the end of last week. German futures for 2023 rose 6.2% last week to €228.75 […]

EIA: Wind Surpasses Coal and Nuclear for First Time

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), on Tuesday, March 29, three and a half weeks before Earth Day, wind energy in the Lower 48 states was the second-largest source of electric generation for the day. This marked the first time that wind surpassed both coal and nuclear. Wind-powered electricity has surpassed coal-fired electricity and […]

ISO New England Announces Results of 2025-2026 Forward Capacity Auction

On Wednesday, March 9, ISO New England, the grid operator for all six New England states, announced the results of its forward capacity auction (FCA) for 2025-2026, which was held on February 7 of this year. Each year, ISO-NE runs the auction three years in advance to meet electricity demand in New England. According to […]

Russia Sends LNG Ships to Kaliningrad

Russia has sent three large ships carrying liquified natural gas (LNG) to Kaliningrad, its port sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic coast. Experts say it is an attempt to keep access to gas supplies in case conflict stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cuts off gas pipeline flows. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has […]